Global Inequalities and Conflict Resolution 407/507 is a 2-credit elective course open to undergraduate and graduate students, offered by the Department of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University. As a condensed course that runs for three consecutive days, it invites students into an intensified, multi-method learning experience.

This course is designed to increase awareness of the global context that situates and defines our lives in many ways, including our access to resources and our world views. It relies on the principles and practice of collaborative, dialogic learning. Drawing on contributions from talented filmmakers, theorists, scholars and community members, students and instructors will explore the dynamics of systematic connections and relations between people of the Global South and North. We will take an especially close look at the following; 1) The dynamics and impacts of our global economy, 2) mobility and migration in relation to inequities, and 3) the link between the distribution of the world’s resources and conflict across the globe. In addition, exploring poverty and inequity will mean reflecting on our own privileges and considering the question: are those of us wo benefit from global systems responsible for/to those who are disadvantaged?


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